28 Hours In Calgary, Canada

I was asked to analyze some issues with a customer via our Autodesk Calgary office. It was a pretty short trip.

Interesting thing about the trip was how familiar I was with the surroundings walking through Calgary, although I had only been there for a week back in April 2007. But I can close my eyes and still visualize the street views of other places I've been, such as Boston and even Sendai, Japan.

Speaking of street view, this is vaguely creepy:

(I own the dark gray house you see here.house behind that white truck.)

Calgary's interesting. Mid-range business hotels are more expensive there than in Vancouver, B.C. or Seattle, due to the pricing for business visitors in the oil business, not tourists which I expect are few this time of year. I would expect most tourists would be in summer and those would stay in Banff. Is there world-class skiing in winter? Hard to say. I'd think it's rather dry compared to places like Whistler.

People at the Calgary office don't have a lot of kind works for the folks in Autodesk San Rafael–located in the "land of fruits and nuts–and I wonder what might happen to them in the economic downturn. There's always "useless" people that can be laid off but then do they lay off all the useless people first?

Fundamentally, the problems unresolved for two years were mostly due to heel dragging by a former developer and bugs in not-so-well software in the past. With me working these issues more directly and with a better equipped QA team, I think we have the problem solved. (I won't be too specific…)

Returning Tuesday night I was of course happy to be home but yet a short trip really feels hectic. I worked late Tuesday and then working Wednesday, going to cycling class at 4:00PM I was cooked mentally and physically.

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