Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was a simple affair due to Mom's post surgery condition and lack of family. Keeping it small eliminates the variables, though. If my sisters could get along with Tim and Mom things would be simpler but as Hitomi puts it, they're "too emotional." I'm not Vulcan but I try to keep emotions from running my life and my sisters are the opposite. Alsia tries to control everyone else to control hers and then Ariel lets hers "escape" like wild animals from a zoo or serial killers from prisons.

And speaking of family, my Dad called and mentioned he was laid off a few days post vacation. And he says unfortunately for him there's little work to be had in the town of Fairfield, Iowa (population: 9500.) The Midwest is going through economic hard times so there's not much to do but leave to find work.

I met with Mike Bloch on Saturday for Dim Sum, which was a good way to recharge after my morning cycle class. Mike was in town for Thanksgiving; he lives in Spokane and works for a tech company making decent money. We hung out and played some games, then he disappeared around 3PM. Mike has a lot of gamer friends and former roommates whom Ian and I have mixed feelings about. Some seemed like nice people and others seemed very immature.

I saw Ian at the same time and he's been doing better. Obviously spending his time creating music and art for a specific purpose has been good. There's a new frozen custard shop opening whose owner is a fan of Ian's work. I hope to check it out sometime since it's only a few blocks from here…

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