Blowhard Developers

Adam Carolla's morning radio show has a segment they do about once a week called "Blah Blah Blog" where they "Match the blowhard celebrity to their retarded online rant." They read an online posting and have Adam, Teresa, or Bryan choose from a list of three celebrities. Celebrities they have to chose from include Donald Trump, Chuck Norris, Alan Alda, etc.

Listening to the segment, I'm immediately reminded of the blog The Server Side, which has a lot of online rants, not from celebrities but from self-important developers. I don't think a lot of consideration (editorial control) goes into what gets posted since there's a lot of weak sauce. Perhaps having controversial "flame bait" generates more traffic for this site? Most recently this ignorant post was made. It's a perennial favorite to shit on popular ORM systems (Hibernate comes to mind) and watch the peasants get out the pitchforks and torches.

Most of us have enough sense to watch from the sidelines and get on with our business.

Although these people mostly live on the Internet, I've come across a lot of closed-minded developers who were fairly unpleasant to work with. At best, they made life difficult for themselves. At worst, they made bad decisions and I had to clean things up. As was pointed out to me in Calgary, there's a lot of people at any company who should be fired, but somehow make a place for themselves by improving the morale of senior management.

But worse than the people who are for boosting morale are those who don't know what's going on or are unwilling or unable to figure anything out. These people are generally time wasters and energy sinks. One solution is to simply ignore them and hopefully they leave you alone and go bother someone else. It's sort of like Business Aikido.

I got to practice more aikido.

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