Stuff White People Like


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3 Responses to Stuff White People Like

  1. Tim Dunn says:

    I bought Barak's book, and read most of it on a trip we took last week. He seems like a very likable, intelligent guy, a great example of a moderately left of center Democrat, but not a humorless ideologue. As Genman knows, his mom and I voted for him and I campaigned for him online.

  2. strangelover says:

    White people like bottled water. Now people can get water bottles that biodegrade. Technology marches on. There is now a way to make plastics biodegrade,
    that neither requires you to make them out of food (PLA) nor which
    requires heat, light or oxygen. You can recycle this plastic, but it
    will biodegrade if you put it into the ground-even if you put it so
    deep into the ground there's no oxygen. It can be put into all kinds
    of plastic -styrofoam, PET pop and water bottles, poly bags, plastic
    cutlery, deli containers, grocery bags, garbage bags, packing peanuts,
    etc.

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