Calgary Party; Cycle U Teaching; The Reader; Game Night

I brought a number of movies to Calgary to watch, and I barely managed to watch one on Monday (at 11PM), given all the partying I did: Outsourced. A call center manager from Seattle (nice shots of Seattle!) is sent to India to prepare an Indian call center for handling calls for an American kitsch catalog. I thought they tried really hard to get in as many "funny" faux pas moments as possible. It just pains me to see the White Guy screw up over and over again in an Asian country: Couldn't he be bothered to read Lonely Planet India before arriving? (Requisite scene: White Guy tries to use a squat toilet: Hilarity ensues.)

More interesting is how the main character gains an appreciation and understanding of how India, the land of 1 billion, works. Based on my own experience, India (in the movie) reminded me a lot of Thailand in how chaotic it is, but yet there is a working system underneath all that.

Tuesday night, as I implied, was a party night. Post a long day of testing and tweaking, and post yet another restaurant locally renown for its hot waitresses, D.H. was hosting a party for several people in the Calgary office and a few of us traveling in from Seattle, the Bay Area, and Kansas City. D.H. brought out his acoustic guitar and his daughter. He also wanted to hear some of Momoi's music, since I had mentioned this hot springs tour I was on, so I played some, which resulted in mixed responses from the other guests who called it derisively "Pokemon music." Alas, it's an acquired taste.

Mostly I drank wine, but I did try the very Canadian Caeser, a mixed drink made with Clamato and vodka.

I was up until 2AM. My flight was 9:40AM the next day.

I didn't have much time to call Hitomi and I hoped she wasn't mad for that.

I slept a bit on the plane and I later had a nap on the couch. I was returning home early on Wednesday so I could make my Cycle U class. As it turned out, due to "cold weather," Seattle Schools were closed and so was my class. Thus most people were absent, save a few ladies (3), the owner/instructor and myself. I offered to lead the class as the instructor had other things to attend to. I happened to have brought my iPod so I could play my music. I played a mix of Tsugaru Shamisen and Utada Hikaru.

I shouted out "15 seconds to go for spin money" and whatever other ridiculous things Cycle U instructors say. You're doing the routine and can't be wordy, so what is said is to the point. I didn't want to be shouting "Let's go people!!!" but I was volunteering playing the part. In reality, the ladies were happy to have me call out the time remaining, target zone and cadence. I got more comfortable as things went on. They smiled at me! And then we also made some small talk about our plans for next year and this class and what not.

Post class, Hitomi and I had plans for a movie called The Reader. From a review: "It's not every 18-year-old who scores sex scenes with Kate" But in all seriousness: The main character's love interest (Kate) is eventually put on trial in German for locking up 300 Jews in a church during World War II and letting them burn to death when a fire breaks out.

Thursday was Game Night with Ian and Kevin and Stacy was also around. Due to the snow, I couldn't get over to Kevin's place and instead they came to my house. This I decided before I requested permission from Hitomi, and I got on her bad side again. We had pizza, opened a bottle a wine and chatted while Hitomi hid away upstairs. Stacy brought some homemade cookies which I appreciated.

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