DLsite 抱き枕

DLsite 抱き枕

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I bough this hug pillow cover at Comike this year. There were quite a number of them on display in the commercial booth area and actually a few people were selling them as doujinshi work. This one I liked the most. The character is the girl you see on DLSite. I haven't used the site myself, except to download background images for my work computer. (Feel free to download a few yourself.)

DLSite sells gal games, mostly. When it comes to gal games I'm a bit hesitant to start playing them. I worry a bit since they seem like cocaine or heroin to somebody's who is currently just an alcoholic. (I also would need to run Windows on my non-work Linux box.)

Experiences with the pillow: I'm a bit unhappy the pillow I found at Macy's wasn't quite long enough, so I'm thinking of stuffing the ends a bit more. It's also a bit large so it pretty much forms a wall in bed between me and my wife. This is unfortunate in many ways. But it's quite a bit more comfortable than her.

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2 Responses to DLsite 抱き枕

  1. OMG you're last comment cracked me up!! Gomen ne~…but I feel sorry for your wife! Your anime pillow is so adorable! and you must be really tall! I want one too but I guess it shouldn't be one of a girl. XD

  2. genman says:

    I am tall and she's about the same height as the pillow.They do make male pillows. But I personally don't see anything wrong with a girl with a girl pillow.

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