Autodesk decided to sell the location services division.

Unfortunately, they decided not to keep everyone, thus the team of 85 was reduced to 30. I was kept in park thanks to working on a profitable or at least viable part of the division.

Anyway, the goal in the coming months is to keep things running smoothly.

The transition has given me the opportunity to improve process from the past few years. We're ditching Clarify, a 10+ year old, very legacy bug tracking tool for a modern web based interface. And hopefully we'll transition soon to better development tools and cleaner servers. We're using virtualization for development and QA testing to speed up deployment. And I now have a boss who's looking to me to decide the direction of development, at least as far as Java is concerned.

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1 Response to LocationLogic

  1. strangelover says:

    And so, you quietly slip into management, without a ripple, hardly noticing that it has happened. 🙂

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