Playstation 3 & Resident Evil

In Japan, Hitomi bought a Mizuki Nana live Blu Ray disk in Japan and I promised to get her a player once we returned home. had a refurbished PS3 (40GB) for about $300 and I got one. A comparable Blu Ray player is about the same price, thus I figured why not?

I haven't bought any PS3 games for it yet, but do still happen to have a few games, such as Resident Evil, for the PSOne. I bought most of these games back in 1996, when I took the system to Japan and played most of the games there. Recently on the PS3, I tried playing the game and I relived the horror of the writing and voice acting. The most famous line of the game was the "Jill Sandwitch" line, which gets turned into a techno song here:

I did download the super amazing Resident Evil 5 demo and play it and probably will pick that game up.

There's a co-op mode, and I'm getting an extra controller to enjoy it with somebody else. Probably Ian. But it'd be fun to team up with Hitomi and kick zombie ass.

By the way, why was "Biohazard" renamed "Resident Evil"? The game was more about biological disasters (turning people into weapons/zombies), not really "evil" per se.

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