Digestion Issues

I went kayaking today and thanks to the 15 knots of wind got quite the workout on Lake Union. Thus I was quite hungry for lunch and ate quite a lot at Agua Verde, home of the all you can eat salsa bar.

After returning home, I went to cycling class and of course we had a tough day at Cycle U. Cycling hard works your abdomen and I was burping up chili and my stomach was irritated. Between intervals I was wondering if I should retire. And during intervals I didn't want to push too hard, else I'd throw up.

Although lunch was two and a half hours prior, maybe 4+ hours after a meal is necessary. Especially for Mexican food.

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2 Responses to Digestion Issues

  1. [هذا هو الحكم]

  2. Tim Dunn says:

    Do they serve black beans? They're pretty indigestible.

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