SIFF; Sakura-con; Data Entry; Not Skiing

SIFF had a free screening, which we aren't obliged to attend but it's a free movie so we went. A Swedish(?) movie, a period piece movie, which I did not remember the name of. The story was about a mother in an unhappy marriage, who had aspired to be a photographer and who was in love with another man but who remained loyal to her drunk husband and raised her 7 kids. She did find a measure of happiness in the end but most of the movie you're frustrated with her. Hitomi liked the clothing (costumes) of the period, circa 1920s, which all really resembled the kinds of clothes she buys.

Post movie we met Eurika and Tylor at the nearby QFC to carpool south.

We spent more time today driving to and from the Sakura-con meeting than actually at the meeting, which was at the Covington Library somewhere in the vicinity of Auburn. Similar to last year, we held a meeting to divvy up the Japanese guests and get familiar with the expense process. Mostly what I (and Hitomi) do is act as a walking wallet, personal shopper, tour guide, drink and food orderer, and general escort. There's other staff around to translate panels, etc.

Post-meeting, mostly Japanese relations staff went to Malay Satay Hut and mostly Eurika talked about prior years and the difficult situtations she's been in. She talks a lot, probably about 90% of the words spoken at our 8 person table were hers. (Not hyperbole.)

Eurika bought a durian shake. Hitomi and I tried just a little of it: Durian admittedly tastes fine but unfortunately does smell bad, a smell which we discovered would return to our mouths as part of the digestive process, i.e. when burping. I'm a little scared to visit the toliet tomorrow.

Hitomi's off skiing Crystal Mountain tomorrow. I would go, I guess, if the snow conditions were better (newer) and I had enough rest from the prior week. Taking the day off, physically and mentally seems prudent. I actually spent some of today (Saturday) entering names into a bug tracking system I'm setting up. It took about 4-5 database exports to get the data right, and about 3 imports to get the data imported correctly. And I'm not 100% done, as I still need to import the attachments to the bugs.

Oh, and speaking of not skiing, I'm also not going to do the Chilly Hilly, Sounds like a fun ride but I could use the rest.

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1 Response to SIFF; Sakura-con; Data Entry; Not Skiing

  1. Tim Dunn says:

    Swedish movies are like that, usually. Life's a bitch and then you die-considering that Sweden is one of the most enlightened and prosperous countries in the world, it seems rather odd. Maybe the Swedes need relief from all that sweetness and light.

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