Layoffs & Killing Zombies

Recently, there was a big upset at work where various people were laid off, including the entire development in India.

What comes to mind when I hear about layoffs is the Japanese-English-loan word "Risutora" (-kucha) or or business restructuring, which has affected mostly contract employees and temporary workers and not salary men. Over New Years in Japan, Tokyo provided free "New Years" food to those affected by the economic downturn. Unexpected, to the government anyway, were the many homeless who came out for the free meal.

Coincidentally, I watched a poignant movie on a plane returning from Japan. The movie was about a middle-aged Japanese salaryman who was laid off from work and in shame hides the firing from his family, for several months. What is an unemployed man to himself, family, and society? A fellow coworker, who was likewise laid off, eventually kills himself and his wife in a gas leak.

The reality of the situation: My former boss and a co-worker were deliberately fired as a way to "streamline" development effort, at least in the eyes of the investors. Unfortunately for them, having joined this new company, they lost their opportunity to receive the Autodesk severance package, which would have been many months' worth of pay.

Given the difficulty managing the India team and the shoddy quality of work received, I guess their layoff was merely coincidental. There was a lot of goofy (bad) coding practice going on, so I don't feel too bad, at least for some of them.

On the bright side, Resident Evil 5 arrives tonight at midnight. As my friend Ian, fellow video game aficionado affectionately remarks, it's fun to "kill some mutha' fuckn' zombies". I may stop over at Gamecrazy tonight at midnight and join the (literally) unwashed masses for the release.

In other news, earlier in the week I did better in my cycling class. I believe my trainer has been reading off about 20-30% lower in wattage than it should, at least compared to two other trainers I tested. Next week is the last week of the course (5 months have passed already!) so I look forward to beating my numbers in my final class.

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