Another Business Trip

I'm in Calgary now, on what's probably my fourth or fifth time here. I usually have stayed at the Westin or Hilton or some place like that. suggested this place, which looked interesting:

This time I'm basically staying in a (chic) studio apartment, which coincidentally is right across the street from Safeway. (I live right across the street from Safeway.) The rooms are cheap but that's not why I prefer these sorts of places. There's something about hotels which makes them feel intrusive. Maybe it's the placards everywhere or logos or seeing hotel people on the way to your room, or the tissue ribbon around the toilet.

Oh, I got hassled (again) at the Calgary Airport by Canadian Customs and had to go through secondary screening. A group of Mormons were in front of me and I had to wait 45 minutes for my 10 seconds getting a stamp. Hopefully next time I won't have to get screened again.

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2 Responses to Another Business Trip

  1. ochawan says:

    The place looks good. How come you are suspicious for Canadian Customs. Ero power…(*o*;

  2. genman says:

    I did bring some manga but nothing ERO… No, I expect they screen everyone who comes in on business.

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