CTS Blues

I received an email request to leaders to help out with the Cascade Training Series, sponsored by CycleU.

The ride was from Marymoor Park to Issaquah, about 65 miles and plenty of hills.

I was assigned to help with the "Blue" group which averages 16-18 miles per hour. (There is a slightly faster Purple and fast Orange group as well, but Blue was the largest.) Until the first stop, I basically hung out in the middle. I didn't know the route. Later on around mile 30, I got ahead with a number of riders and was asked to lead the faster riders of the Blue.

I had no "sweep" (someone in the rear to monitor) so I couldn't really keep track of people who were hanging on with me. Plus I wasn't aware of any regroup points or rest stops and I didn't see any reason to stop to wait. But there were people without cue sheets (directions) and people stuck behind traffic signals in Sammamish or slow climbing hills, as I found out later, who got dropped. (I had assumed Pat, the real leader, would pick them up, but Pat had been a lot slower, so those dropped had a long time to wait or went off on their own. I wouldn't even see Pat after waiting about half an hour back in Marymoor.)

Good news was more than a few riders thanked me for helping with the ride. A few who somehow made it back on their own were unhappy with me.

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