North Cascades, Cutthroat Peak

After my ride on Saturday, Kevin, Hitomi and I left on a last minute trip to the North Cascades.

We camped out on the side of Highway 20 on a snowbank. Very few cars came by; the highway had just opened about a week ago. The plan was for an early climb up to the ridge (as seen in this picture) and a ski down.

The snow conditions were fine for a descent, but I'm quite the beginner when it comes to climbing in skins: I had a lot of trouble slipping on the icy sections. As well, the route was fairly steep and exposed so I booted up part of the way. I'm considering getting ski crampons which should help in spring. And an ice axe, since fairly often I borrow Kevin's.

We skied the southeast bowl. There are actually quite a number of ski-able aspects off of Cutthroat Peak and this was the "best" according to Kevin, who had skied most of the others.

Weather was varied: A mix of sun (intense and hot) and clouds and a little snow at the end.

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