Why I’m Sick

Last week I was in Calgary. Could have used more clothes on when it became suddenly 20 degrees and snowed. Airports and airplanes seem to also be vectors for viruses.

Saturday I was darn cold cycling. Couldn't seem to warm up too much, except on the uphills. Ran out of fuel in the tank, metaphorically speaking, the last 10 miles of the ride. I could have used some more food.

Saturday night I was camping out in the snow on the side of Highway 20. Stayed warm, although my face got cold, as well I was breathing in cold air. (Hitomi didn't stay too warm in her fancy Montbell sleeping bag, but was fine.)

Sunday I did get a wet butt and boots, though my feet and butt stayed warm, as I was booting in some fairly slick stuff. Did get a lot of sun, which enough of it oddly reminds me of a fever sensation. Carried a fair amount on my pack which was a bit of work. The drive out I wasn't comfortable sitting for some reason.

Did not see anybody ill last week.

Sunday night fever and sweaty. Monday morning feeling better but coughing a lot. Tuesday better and went sailing, which wasn't a good idea. Wednesday about the same as Tuesday.

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1 Response to Why I’m Sick

  1. genman says:

    Update: Went to the doctor. Basically, it's an upper respiratory infection that's been "going around" and, for better or worse, will go away in about another 3-4 days.

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