Toilet Repair

I tried to get some handyman work done while sick last week.

Some reason even though this house was about 5 years old when I bought it, the toilet upstairs always leaked a little bit. It's a little hard to tell a toilet leaks, since depending on the way it leaks you might never notice. But somehow turning on and off the sink would trigger a small sound from the toilet's tank.

Hitomi bought some new toilet seats (2) from Turns out they were designer toilet seats and polyresin to boot. Somehow it seemed wrong to replace the seat without repairing the leak. So off I went to Ace Hardware.

It's not hard to repair a toilet, so they say. During respite from illness I got picked up a "toilet repair kit" and spent a few quality hours with the tank upstairs. The most difficult part of it was getting the various levels of the float and overflow tube properly adjusted. Apparently there's plumbing code to follow…

New tank "innards" have a different float system. My toilets seem to use the older float-on-the-arm design. (If my house is really so new, why do all my toilets seem to have such old technology? Cheap contractors?)

I wonder if I wouldn't be better served upgrading to new Toto toilets with more reliably flushing, heated seats, spray wash, and dual flush action? Turns out that getting wiring next to the toilet is kind of hard in the U.S. Maybe I could employ one of those Japanese handymen I see in Soy Source.

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