iTunes DRM Removed: Requiem

I recently got a Blackberry Curve, which I discovered does play AAC format music and makes for a decent music player. By itself, it doesn't have much storage, but for the cost of a microSD card–only $20 for 8GB–I could have about four times the capacity of my old 2GB iPod. And I could play *most* of my iTunes music: Either tracks sold as iTunes Plus or tracks ripped from my CDs. But the Blackberry can't play DRM protected music.

I spent a number of hours last night at Hitomi's mac trying to get Requiem to work. It's basically a converter that converts any of your protected iTunes music or videos into unprotected versions. You can find it through Google and download it using Bittorrent. Be sure to find the version of Requiem that matches your iTunes version.

After a few hours, since video conversion is actually quite slow, you end up with a DRM free music and video collection!

Except: iTunes is still looking for the old DRM'd files. So now if you want to remove the old DRM versions from your life, you're not quite done.

Export the library data into XML format using "Export Library". Search/replace .m4p with .m4a in the XML file. This post explains it in more detail in Part 2.

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