Nokia N95 Drivers: Fail

For some reason, newer software doesn't always work better.

Case in point: I've been trying to update Hitomi's Nokia N95 with a newer firmware. However the driver, specifically the Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver, that comes with the firmware refuses to work. And after rebooting countless times with different combinations of latest drivers like a monkey (Windows) user, and putzing around with the device manager, I decided I had enough of banging keys and went to Google for wisdom. I found an ancedote that the older version of this driver works for people when the new driver fails. I managed to find a link to an older release, not available through Nokia, but Rapidshare. The version that does work is 6.82.4.

Point is, companies ought to provide links to older releases of their software and drivers.

As point of comparison, the new Nokia driver installer and software look like fancy hell. The software works worse than before but looks fancier. Personally, I want my Windows UIs to look all like Windows UIs. I appreciate it when applications don't attempt something "branded", like how Nokia uses a bunch of green and white colors and a different font and widget set.

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