Pike Place Market: Full

Hitomi and I checked out the University Street Fair. I've decided I've been to enough fairs in my life. Perhaps helping out many weekends with the Steel Silhouettes booth has spoiled their appeal. Still, they often sell some clothes that Hitomi (or my sisters) might like, like hemp or clothes imported from India or Nepal. We went briefly in the morning and then I went off to Downtown Seattle by bicycle.

On the streets in front of Pike Place Market was a cheese festival. And I've had a craving for cheese recently, so why not check it out?

Unfortunately, it's now (nearly) summer and the Market is now packed with tourists and locals. Add in festival goers and there were sure a lot of lines. Maybe 20-30 people in one line to taste a couple different cheeses at each booth. The lines weren't going anywhere, as far as I could tell. I went instead to a fish monger and bought some king crab and smoked salmon and left.

The heat was intolerable. I wore a long sleeve windbreaker to protect my sunburned arms. Wearing it when riding wasn't bad, but stopped at traffic lights really caused me to heat up. Plus I somehow picked up some warm, rank water. I walked into Hiroki for some cake, and the salesperson gave me a concerned look as I was dripping sweat onto the floor.

So it'll probably be until October or November until I visit the Market again.

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