Critical Mass: Riding SR99, Aurora Bridge

I'm not really a fan of Critical Mass, mostly because their routes of choice seems rather aimless.

However, on Friday, riders made an epic ride from Downtown Seattle on the Viaduct up to Golden Gardens. This is the sort of ride I'd like Critical Mass to do.

Their choice of route obviously has made a lot of drivers angry. Mostly they see the riders as selfish. In response I will say many people drive for purely selfish reasons, e.g. to a baseball game, and traffic gets much worse. Do we tell drivers on the way to Safeco Field to "fuck off" or wish for their death? (Maybe I do…a little.) Do accident victims who
block lanes of a highway deserve drivers' hate or perhaps pity?

As it turns out, most of 99 is actually open to cyclists. From Mercer Street onward, cyclists can use the road, though I would be scared to do so outside of a pack.

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