It's my 32rd today.

Today I spent some of the day shopping and preparing for tomorrow. Hitomi will hopefully figure out the remainder shopping and I'll take care of the cake etc. in the morning. There's a bit of cooking and whatnot I'll have to take part in.

One of the things I'm getting for my Birthday, although more coincidentally than because of it, are comics. Comics like this. This one is incidentally titled Birthday:

For those of you unaware, most erotic manga consist of about 8-10 stories about 16-32 pages long. Usually, the stories are unrelated, although may share a theme. Sometimes there are two or more part stories. More rarely is a story spanning a whole or more volumes.

In this comic, the titular story is about a young girl whose family is indebted to a gang. Well, it's her birthday and she wants to go out and see her friend. She leaves and forgets her cell phone and takes a taxi back. Her friend soon shows up. Leaving out all the graphic and horrible details, this story is quite depressing.

All the stories are pretty much a downer–the male (and often female) characters are predators or at worst rapists. But yet the art is still quite beautiful and erotic. (The females are oddly portrayed as loving or caring, at least to each other.) There's some interesting fantasy stories but really they are all someone's fantasy.

Ero manga like these are, oddly enough, quite common.

Off to blanch some asparagus and broccoli.

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