Your Landline is Already Dead

I'm not exactly sure how robocalls became legal or were ever legal, but if there was one reason to terminate landline service it's getting repeatedly called by an IVR system.

Even the FTC couldn't seem to stop these guys for weeks (months?) from not only robocalling but robocalling in an attempt to defraud people. And though their assests have been frozen, their website's still up. Not surprisingly, the company seems to be run by a bunch of former criminals.

We still have our landline. Hitomi insists on keeping service, and though there are just a few good reasons. 1) Reliable emergency service. 2) Cheap(er) international dialing; though I suppose a calling card and cell phone would work to call Japan. 3) Authentication with credit card companies or whomever requires an actual land line. (But I don't even any company requires a landline anymore.)

But we don't answer my landline anymore. The rare occasion I use POTS, I actually find it a bit quaint to listen to a dial tone, and not have to hit any buttons.

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2 Responses to Your Landline is Already Dead

  1. Dancho says:

    Only reason you'd have landline would be if you'll require either outgoing and incoming FAX (and you don't want opt for Internet FAX)I do have landline here, and since it is heavily underutilized, it will be going through renovated shortly. Currently, I'm looking into customized PBX with Asterisk. It is questionable if it really need to be on POTS (and the phone line is not even POTS, it's QoSed VoIP), considering things like SIPS can be utilized, but just for geek cool factor.

  2. genman says:

    Fax is another thing I'd like to see killed. I'd probably opt for an Internet fax service if I had to have it, rather than have a physical machine.

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