I've been blogging status updates on my Facebook and neglecting my Vox blog.

What have I been doing?


Not a whole lot of happings at work. Haven't been formally introduced to my new manager or partner.

After work I hang out downtown. It's fun to be in the city during a fine summer evening. Hitomi and I went to see The Godless Girl, a silent movie at the Paramount. The story was a bit ridiculous (though it was based on research of reform schools and events of that time) and the cast were too old to really portray high schoolers. Still, the drama and action, comedy, and aesthetic qualities (editing, photography) kept it interesting.


Sunday was Father's Day. Went to Dim Sum at Purple Dot with Tim, Mom, and Hitomi. Seems only 3/5 stars on Yelp but it's my favorite spot for Dim Sum these days. There's something entirely useless about Yelp ratings. Dropped Hitomi off at home and went to Shilshole Marina and walked around looking at ships. I could consider joining a sailing club but Hitomi doesn't seem too interested in sailing.

Made dinner. I cooked pea vines with mushrooms and garlic and they turned out fine but a little chewy. I think cutting them into smaller pieces or removing or cutting the stems would have been a good idea. Since we had a bit of lemon, used that on salmon. Put butter on it as well, don't tell Hitomi. Lemon works well to keep the moisture in, as well as oil, it seems.

Finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which I had neglected for too long. It's a fun game with interesting puzzles, level design, and direction but the enemies are too easy. I also found I had no use for money ("rubles") much of the time, so I would go through many dungeons, finding chests, opening them, and leaving the rubles behind. Luckily, the bosses were interesting (if not particularly hard). Ganon was hard, mostly because it was difficult to understand the controls and how to attack.

I stayed up until 2:30AM beating the game, which wasn't a good idea.


Thought it'd be good to bike to downtown, as driving is a pain. But then the clouds looked fairly dark and the report called for rain possible. We went to see Wallace and Gromit in "A Matter of Loaf and Death" which was being played as part of a family shorts package. The other shorts varied from mildly annoying to good.

Visited with Walli from Innocente Seraphim, which we will volunteer for in August. Probably shouldn't mention why they are scouting us. As a guy, I'm not sure why I should be going to a fashion and doll convention, but Hitomi will be there so I feel I should be as well.

I went to drink tea and spent over $100 on green leaves. Seattle's Best Tea seems to have employed a tea otaku. A women comes in and claims to have lots of health troubles which she hears tea is supposed to help cure. He's more of a taster than a Chinese doctor and feels a bit reluctant making substantial health claims. And she seems uneasy about spending a lot of money on high mountain tea, which is the most expensive kind, but considering the per-cup cost isn't more than 50 cents a cup, I would imagine, still makes tea cheaper than coffee.

Although we went shopping at Uwajimaya, we ended up eating leftovers instead.

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