Since June 23rd

I spent some time last week designing and implementing a new protocol handler for the MPC. Verizon made a strange request of us to implement a new protocol which is pretty much the same as the existing one. They're using us for testing but will probably use a different vendor in production. We'll see.

The weekend was mostly a rest weekend, I guess.

Friday night we saw the movie Okuribito. My reaction: We don't really have the same stigma (as the Japanese) towards people who work in funeral homes, so perhaps the message to the audience was lost on me. However, it's a beautiful movie and well acted, minus Ryoko Hirose who's a little phony.

Re: Funerals and customs. Even though the Japanese aren't terribly religious, they at least display the utmost respect for the dead (body). Hitomi probably wouldn't want to have herself cremated in the U.S.

Saturday, Hitomi and I did a ride on Vashon Island. We covered about 50 miles. Wasn't as hard as Hitomi thought it would be, I hope. We ordered (an enormous) salad and pizza at Pegasus Pizza. Salad doesn't make for good leftovers, but I didn't want to throw away half of it.

Despite the good weather, I spent most of Sunday playing Fallout 3. The game's aesthetically amazing, especially up on my big screen. It really captures a post-apocalyptic image of the future quite beautifully. Main criticisms: Since the dialog appears on screen, you find yourself reading ahead and skip through the often ponderous dialog at times. I really prefer Zelda, how the dialog is just text. The combat system can be a little frustrating as well, as once you run out of "attack points" you have to wait (how much?) to be able to attack again.

Monday night. Was going to go to Trader Joe's Silent Movie Night, but Hitomi thought it'd best if we helped a friend move. Hitomi herself, though, didn't feel up for helping the move, and I went alone. Moving sucks. It didn't help that Ryan (the friend) didn't have enough boxes or things sorted to make it a tidy operation.

Tuesday, I spent most of the time playing Fallout 3.

Wednesday, went to work. Realized I had no reason to be at work, but later found out somebody new is going to work with me something, but nobody knows quite yet what it is. Ate lunch on some grass. Bought really good ranier cherries, really big ones and some nikuman. (Much better than the ones bought from the farmer's market on Vashon, which were crunchy but not sweet. It seems "organic" often means undersized.)

Cascade offered a CPR course. I always wanted to be certified, and now I am. Turns out, the success rate for someone receiving CPR is only about 1 in 3, but that's better than nothing.

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