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Ariel's wedding, July 19, 2009

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Younger sister's finally married. Wasn't too excited about it but it turned out pretty good. The place for the ceremony was great. Was good to see some of my own family but didn't really meet much from the other side.

I finally got to visit Zankou Chicken. Would be nice to see some place like it in Seattle.

Mom decided to leave later on Monday and I (needlessly) took a vacation day. Not a good idea. Watched Ariel and Phil open their presents, which were mostly kitchen gadgets. There are many still out there that have a strange fantasy they will really make regular use of an ice cream maker or bread machine. They should have gone for some new knives. At the very least get a good set of knives!

Fundamentally, it's impossible to convince people they need something better until they've experienced the difference. これは納得できない!

About six months back I got a set of knives from Dexter-Russell. They make cutlery for commercial kitchens (and fishermen) so they make a good knife first, then sell more expensive models with fancy handles for those that want them.

Work in the past few weeks has mostly been about hassling other people, mainly for network services. This is not much fun. But progress has been made.

Last weekend, I participated in two events: Seattle Century and a day hike to Mount Rainier.

I wanted to check out the Seattle Century ride, but wasn't ready to part with $70 or so for basically a for-profit event. So I checked out their volunteer options. Turns out that they needed people as medical riders and mechanical support to do the ride. I just learned CPR so I was okay with the former. I could probably have been a mechanic as well, if it were just fixing flats and tightening stuff, but I get the feeling they wanted people who work or had worked at bike shops.

I did the 93 some miles in about 6 hours, including stops and calls to the ride coordinator. The ride was fairly flat at the beginning and end and I could go about 19-20 mph pretty effortlessly. But it was hot! And I wondered if I should have been riding more slowly, as I was riding more with the athletic people. Still, I wasn't told how fast to ride…

I was done around 1:40PM. I drove home to see Hitomi in the house. She was volunteering as well for the event, for end of ride dinner and clean-up starting at 4. After I showered and ate, we went together to a bookstore. Hitomi's been doing fashion research for a game package design at Nintendo. Dinner was a bit mismanaged. Food was better than the usual stuff rides provide, but there was no salt, pepper and salad dressing. Three things you need to eat salmon, asparagus, and salad. And the meal ticket included two beers, but somehow there was an exchange of drink tickets and people ended up with a few too many beers. And for those still around after clean-up, the tap was freely running.

Hitomi did not receive a meal ticket, officially. But I slipped her some food as nobody was checking for tickets after a certain time. And they had a surplus of food, which went into the garbage, unceremoniously.

Turns out clean-up, starting around 6PM, involved loading carts with heavy boxes and stacking chairs, etc. Poor Hitomi! I helped out, unofficially.

Sunday I had to get up early (again) for our trip to Mt. Rainier. We borrowed Nintendo's ZipCar (for free) for the day. (Having air conditioning sure sounded nice for the 4-5 hour drive there and back!) It was nice to see some non-hikers out for the day. And it was a beautiful day! Hideki, our drive from here.esteemed Japanese Relations Guest Manager wasn't in the best shape for the hike, which kept the pace slow, annoying some I guess. Still, what's the point of the hike if you're racing toward the end? Dinner at an awesome Korean BBQ place called Kokiri and would gladly return to the place, but Federal Way is a long drive. (I don't know why Korean food in Seattle has to suck so much. Still, it's not too far to Hosoonyi at least…)

Father came out to see me–on the bus no less!–after work on Monday. He and Stephanie hole up in Mercer Island with Grandma Jean on their annual trip out here. One year I got him out on a kayak trip to Cyprus Island. This year it was impossible to find the few days for it. Anyway, we did have a good evening kayaking, swimming and met up with Hitomi at Malay Satay Hut.

Tuesday, it was hot. Stayed at home to work, left home and waited for Tony Grills at the LWRC dock. Yesterday, there were a few people hanging around the dock, obviously not rowers, but today were quite a few more non-paddlers. Lots of good looking people in bathing suits. The dock is open to the public, but given the popularity, I wonder if the club might eventually kick those people out that aren't there to launch boats? Tony brought some suprisingly good $2 sandwiches from the Costco employees' cafeteria for dinner and we ate in the arboretum.

Wednesday: Record heat! I took the bus into and from work. Which was probably hotter in some ways than just bicycling the route. Maybe. NOA had their transformer blow up, so no power and Hitomi came home early. I went kayaking and swimming with her off the LWRC dock. Surprisingly, she swam off the dock, since she seems to panic in deep water. Since I promised to not make her paddle, she sat in the front and crocheted as I went around the lake.

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