MTG Draft Tournament

Spend Saturday cleaning house, with a vacuum strapped to my back. Hitomi was out getting a haircut, eating fresh peach crepes and getting a massage and facial.

I was alone and so I had Ian come by early. We went out and watched Ponyo, which was amazing, and a fortunate return to the Miyazaki storytelling we saw in Spirited Away. The dub was pretty good, minus the rock and roll send up of the ending theme song.

House cleaning was primarily for a draft tournament I was hosting later that day. As it was my first draft tournament, I didn't know what to expect. Greg Marques, an employee of Wizards of the Coast, brought over a box of the popular Magic: The Gathering "M10" core set. (I had bought a box online back at the start of the month but it was back-ordered.) He also brought a box of Alara to draft.

We started late. Probably around 8:30PM. Originally conceived as a small get-together, I somehow ended up with about 8 people. (And at one point I expected about 10-12.) Games take some time to run, as what you do is first draft cards–that is pick cards out of packs and pass the pack around–and assemble a deck. So it's about 9:30PM when we start our first set of match. Each match you may play up to three times.

I drafted really well. I basically ended up with a green-white deck, where I chose green mana acceleration spells, big green, and white control and white evasion, i.e. flyers. I drafted a Serra Angel, Overrun, Might of Oaks, the new Great Stable Stag, and Birds of Paradise, plus a couple spells like Silence. I lost once to a black/red control player. I made a few bad choices on control cards, and a couple of bad plays, which probably cost me in that game.

Half the players left around 12:30AM. I had won second place, but not definitively. I was sharing second with about 2 others. I did win some cards.

We then ran another draft. And I was tired and it was a hard series to draft for: Mostly two-, three- color cards. So I wasn't winning very much and we only got through a few games until it was about 2:30 and it was time to shut down.

Slept in on Sunday. Was tired much of the day anyway. Walked Greenlake with Hitomi and had a good dinner. Then I "beat" Fallout 3.

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2 Responses to MTG Draft Tournament

  1. Lillian says:

    Psst. It's "Greg Marques."

  2. genman says:

    Sorry about messing up your husband's name. Post corrected! 🙂

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