Incident at Anime Vegas

(I mentioned being kicked out a concert over the weekend on Facebook. A little background on this first.)

Halko Momoi is a very popular singer and voice actor, at least in the anime community in Japan. Definitely one of the top five performers of her genre. She's my wife's most favorite performer.

Momoi was approached by Mr. O (not his real name) to perform at this fairly small event. Mr. O with the chairman of Anime Vegas, helped bring her to the event. This decision was made at the last minute. Her dedicated fans, mostly from out of state, including Hitomi and I, made special last-minute travel arrangements (flight, hotel, etc.) as well as worked on a "call book", brought hundreds of glow sticks, etc. We dedicated fans also make an effort to do live internet broadcasts, translate material, etc.

As it so happens, we were allowed to internet broadcast some of the performances at Anime Vegas. But not the concert for Momoi. And although the connection (through an EVDO modem) was physically disconnected, someone it was reestablished again automatically. (Or deliberately?)

Contractually speaking, free live broadcast was not allowed, although live recording was. As it turns out, the chairman got informed that the live broadcast was active. (By whom?) And then convention security was upon, at least, some of us. The guy manning the computer was kicked out immediately. And–by being in the front row with an Momoi t-shirt on?–some of us other guys were told to get out as well. (Not Hitomi, who looks innocent I suppose.)

I had nothing to do with any of the broadcast. I'm just part of this fan club, and I didn't know what was going on. Still there I was out in the hall with the chairman and a couple of other innocent and angry fans during the middle of the performance. Two or three songs later, we were let back in. Hitomi was a bit confused by this and you can read her blog, if you can read Japanese.

Needlessly to say, us fans were upset at all this, and vow not to return. Especially since she was only performing a short one hour set and here I was spending three days in Las Vegas, which is like Los Angeles but a lot more miserable.

…I could also fill this post with a list of things that weren't cool about the event but I will keep it to this.

To make up for all this I did have a lot of fun at meals with her fans. Monday, since Momoi wasn't showing up at all, Hitomi and I went and enjoyed a few short hikes on the outside of town, at Red Rock Canyon.

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3 Responses to Incident at Anime Vegas

  1. Dancho says:

    Sounds like quite a bit of mismanagement to me.I can almost see Mr. O's conflict of interest there, too… (ultimately, wasn't he the one bridged information about live broadcast being active?) It just sounds really fishy, as I just don't see anyone who would be actively monitoring endpoint of the broadcast…

  2. genman says:

    It just sounds really fishy, as I just don't see anyone who would be actively monitoring endpoint of the broadcast… I tried asking about the details and from the looks of it, they did advertise the broadcast was going on, at least to her fan community. Hard to say. Here's the broadcast page.Mr. O probably didn't talk to the chairman as they aren't exactly on good terms, from what I've been told. Otherwise, he would have been staff, wouldn't he?The whole thing was pretty weird and I decided to stop trying to figure it out. If you want to find out more, there's more information on this forum.

  3. Dancho says:

    …just I hope we don't have to deal with this kind of mess ourselves Sakura-Con!

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