Since Vegas

Back to work on Tuesday. Heard some more about my project at work. I'm going to China! But when?

Spent some time working on patches for Verizon. Nothing big but the change required fixing about 4-5 build scripts and migrating source repositories. And getting all the build configurations right through a GUI is a chore.

Most of the work for China so far has been pulling out code from existing places and making separate modules.

On the domestic side of life, I had my 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday. Hitomi's still quite the charmer. I put together a card and we had sushi at Village Sushi, which is always reasonable and good. There's probably better sushi places around but there's something I like about this place. Maybe it's the affable owner? Or that it's in a remodeled house with bad wiring? If you go, order the Omakase. At around the $60 level there's a lot of good stuff in there for two.

Friday we drove over to my parent's place and spent the night. We were doing a ride on Saturday which started at around 8AM so it was nice to be closer to Mount Vernon. The ride was beautiful. I liked crossing the Deception Pass bridge and the little bridge they have from the refinery over to Anacortes. On the way back, I was harassed by some random local. I was riding off course, so no other riders were around. Apparently the first time I wasn't harassed enough (by horn), so she pulled over, I passed by and then she came up behind me and leaned on the horn one more time.

In the evening, we had Yakiniku (BBQ) at Eugene's place. He lives in a condo in the U District but, like in most anime, his parents never seem to be around. Being the manager, he has access to the roof and so we had BBQ on the top of the building, in view of Downtown Seattle, and Mt Rainer, etc. Hitomi and I brought over the shaved ice machine, toppings, including fresh fruit from Skagit Valley, and we eventually got sleepy and went home.

Sunday was another BBQ at Ryan and Emi's place in (The People's Republic of) Wallingford. Again, we brought over the shaved ice machine. They have a nicer place than their old one in Magnolia. They're in a duplex and have a nice yard. They have a tortoise, named Isoroku, which seems considerably more active than our cat, Rei.

Monday I went to the DOL. The DOL in Greenwood's closed so I had to go to the Downtown office. In the waiting room, with my things, I smelled cat pee on my bike bag. Actually, I had realized Rei peed on it, and cleaned it up early, but I hadn't really noticed the smell hadn't really gone away. He peed on plastic–nylon–which couldn't absorb a liquid, but what do I know?

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2 Responses to Since Vegas

  1. Lillian says:

    Wow, congrats on the anniversary! We'll have our #10 next year. Cat pee is the worst. You'll have to scrub it well and get an enzymatic cat stain/odor remover. I've found that it really lingers on nylon-type bags (and everything else). Why do they like bags and luggage so much?

  2. genman says:

    Not sure. A few years back in my old house, when I was building my kayak, I put plastic tarps on the concrete to protect the floor. But then Rei peed all over plastic tarps. I cleaned this up but then peed again on them so I pretty much had to throw them out and go without.He's also peed on our camping stuff, like ground pads. He's almost always peed on nylon and it's hard to clean as you say.There's a pet store nearby and maybe I'll find some of that special odor remover.We have a bottle of "Nature's Miracle" and this is supposed to be enzymatic but maybe it's not quite good enough.

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