Dying Washing Machine

I inherited a Maytag Neptune front loader washing machine with my house.

It's been mostly fine until recently. But now the front door no longer unlocks and the washer does not stop when the washing cycle ends.

I got a Maytag Repairman (sort of) to come by and 20 minutes later (at the cost of $150), he discovered the main circuit board was shot. Apparently by design, the circuit board will short out (and burn out) when the wax motor goes. So repair this mess would cost about $400 plus.

Which would still be cheaper than a new washer, but the bearings are also shot. To repair this would cost probably another $400 or more. $400 to repair bearings–and presumably bearing races–since the bearings are sold as part of a large assembly.

So much for repair. I'll need a new washer. For now, I can force the door open, but eventually the machine will seize.

I asked the repair guy what sort of washer to buy. He suggested a top-loading machine with a mechanical timer. Basically the repair guy suggests a non-electronic washer. (Not sure I'd want to go that way, as top-loaders use a lot more water.)

I wonder if there's a washing machine that has user-serviceable bearings. I joined Consumer Reports online ($12). Looking at the top rated machines, it seems most still have bearings that will last about 5 years at most. So get an extended warranty.

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