Ready for China?

I've been spending more time at work than I would like. But the release we're bringing to China is "heating up" and I've been trying to get everything set. Though the code's been complete, integration testing always reveals … discrepancies. And bugs.

A big one, but stupid one, was trying to start a user transaction after I obtained an JPA EntityManager. Doesn't work. Doesn't result in any significant warnings, at least for Hibernate, even if you issue a database update and commit.

To demo our product, we are writing test cases. Nobody's interested in working on test cases, except one guy who volunteered, who supposedly has other things he should be doing. So then TCS hired a new developer to help build these test cases. As per usual, I figured out pretty quick this person wasn't going to work out, despite enthusiastic endorsement to the contrary. Luckily, without my involvement, they were pushed onto working on something else.

As I said, I was at work a lot. I even went into work Friday. The big news–which in retrospect wasn't a big surprise–was to hear that the next Verizon release was required for December 15th. This was contrary to what I heard up the food chain, but I knew Verizon wouldn't back down from this date. So I was there to promise and/or negotiate a list of features I could provide to have us make that date. Now, the process that you're supposed to follow is this: Ask your customers what features they want, come up with a date, and they agree–but it usually follows the pattern of they provide both the date and feature list, and there's lots of scrambling for resources.

I bought my plane tickets for China, for about $500 less than the travel agency was asking for. TCS has a travel agency we must use, and for whatever reason, the tickets had to be purchased on the phone with the agency. I wanted to figure out some way to spend a week or weekend with Hitomi before my trip to China, but getting the price worked out and details worked out was maddening. Plus, they weren't exactly polite and patient with me. I went with the stress-free solution of booking online.

Last Wednesday I hosted game night. We ended up with about six Magic players, including Miles who had brought his wife(?). I made a nice salmon dinner, which worked out surprisingly well for the number of people. We played basically just two games. One short, the other went on until about 2AM.

Thursday night was a ski movie called "In Deep" or something. Apparently, lots of people get paid to ski down incredibly steep mountains and film it. It's incredibly exciting to watch great–foolishness? Somehow makes me pretty uneasy and, well, anxious about skiing. Bonus: About twenty minutes of the end was a tribute to a skier who died recently, BASE jumping with skis off some cliff. I do have great respect for their skill and ability to overcome fear, but these people are addicted to taking risks.

Speaking of risks: King crab fishing! I bought king crab at Safeway for about $9/pound for Friday night. I never was big on going out Friday night to eat and not too often do we head out for any movies or anything. Sleeping in is how we like to end the week.

Saturday. Hitomi spent the middle part of the day working on her knitting project. I headed off to the Farmer's Market and bought a huge amount of gourmet food. There's something really exciting about all the choices. I bought some hard apple cider that had been "hopped", that is to say, flavored like beer. Raw milk cheese. Oysters, which we roasted. Lots of fruits and veggies. Various meats. Etc

 I had a double feature on the calendar: Alien and Aliens, new prints and cuts at SIFF. It was starting at about 7:30PM but as usual we were showing up late to the cinema. I can't believe I never got around to seeing these movies until now! But I'm glad I saw them first in a theater. They don't really seem to do science fiction, or action, or horror, as well as these movies.

Sunday I was planning on a hike with Kevin. But it was about 1AM when we got back from the theater. I wanted to sleep in again. And Hitomi wasn't interested in a hike, despite the great weather. Thus we instead biked down to the International District for Dim Sum with Lillian and Greg. Hitomi and I stopped at REI to get a new backpack for her trip to Japan (for luggage) and bike wheel inner tubes and things. Stopped by Shinka on the way back for tea.

Not much fun going on until Wednesday game night again. Lots of test cases to review. Shoot.

Did I mention I got a new bicycle seat? It's a Brooks and is basically a hundred year old design. Apparently, it takes hundreds of miles to break in, but it's been pretty comfortable so far. Seattle road surfaces are a mixed bag and anything with a little bounce to it is superior to my old saddle which never handled bounce very well.

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