Hitomi’s Out

Hitomi (who's in Japan) called me out of the blue. It was good to talk to her. I hadn't talked to her since Friday. I was in the middle of work, unfortunately and had to keep the conversation short.

Something threw me off about her phone call. For whatever reason, I didn't really want to talk. Isn't there a rule when you're on vacation you're only allowed send postcards, letters, or e-mail? But I understand her position. More frequently, I'm out of town and Hitomi's at home. And being alone on vacation feels incredibly alone.

Last weekend I was out hiking with friends. We went off to Manning Provincial Park in B.C. Admittedly I didn't think too much about my wife while freezing in the mountains. I wasn't struggling to survive but the cold took my mind off a lot of things back home. And let's not discount the great scenery: Where we were camped probably has one of the best views of the North Cascades than anywhere else.

Also to keep my mind of Hitomi, I was busily ordering a bunch of manga. I kind of got shopper's euphoria there for a bit. Lately, I've gotten into girl's love manga (often called "yuri" in the West) so I ordered a couple of those sorts of titles.

From what I hear, Hitomi managed to assemble her bicycle and is getting ready to ride on her own through Shikoku. I wish her luck. She's only riding about 40-50 miles for a few days, but she said it was pretty warm so it might be difficult in the heat.

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