Magic: The Nerding

There was a pre-release event for Rise of the Eldrazi yesterday at the Seattle Center.

Ian heard the release event was going on from Kevin Messe, a new member of the Wednesday Night geek group, and asked if I wanted to go. Kevin wasn't able to go, because his wife wanted to be with him. Hitomi has no problem with me leaving as she didn't mind spending the rest of the day alone. (We just had finished our late breakfast and were going to the University Farmer's Market for some dinner.)

Hanging around a bunch of hard-core nerds isn't the way I envisioned my Saturday. Still, with the rain as it was, why not?

It was $20 each to join. We each got basically $16 (retail) worth of cards, plus a valuable promo card and a chance at prizes. I wasn't sure we would win much, but at least we would walk away with something. Ian's good at building decks. We and I came up with pretty decent decks. There weren't a whole lot of good blue, and we went with a B/R G/W combination.

Surprisingly, everybody we played yesterday was quite nice. I say surprisingly, because a lot of strangers I've played before have had poor social graces. To say the least. Having Ian by my side was a lot of fun too, since 4-5 games by myself seemed a bit, well, lonely.

Hitomi made a nice dinner for us. I got to unwind with some videos and NetFlix instant streaming. A good day for a nerd.

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