Shaking this Cold

This time last year I had a pretty awful sinus infection, coming back from a ski trip with Kevin Steffa. Which prompted me to go to the doctor, but alas I wasn't sick enough for the doctor to do anything.

Nothing quite as dramatic as that is afflicting me. Still, I've been coughing and sneezing. The two times I rode my bicycle to work, I got quite an accumulation of mucus on my bicycle gloves.

Ariel and Alsia weren't pleased by something I wrote on Facebook the previous week. They're sensitive, to say the least. If they were saying mean things about me I wouldn't get excited. I just can't imagine what would ever come out of them that would make me excited.

I spent most of last week dealing with many peoples' questions. The VP is fairly unpleasant and my boss's boss is too. They don't dislike me, but they are never seem happy. Overworked and tired. I try to be helpful and a little mirthful but their moods are impenetrable.

Tim, Mom, Hitomi and I are going to Vancouver next weekend. So I have to try to find a place. Mom and Tim are always a bit too picky and critical about things, which kind dampens my enthusiasm for taking them places. (Travel is never without of a lot of bothersome, unexpected wrong turns.) But they put up well enough with the pretty crappy "resort" on Orcas last year. And Tim went to all the trouble to get a new passport license last year, so why not?

I visited Larry at Perfect Wheels and I went over a list of various tandem parts, all expensive. Hitomi's booking a trip to Oslo. Traveling with a tandem bicycle sounds tricky and I'm not sure how well it will work out. It's a lot of money to be tossing out but it may be the last trip we take before Hitomi's pregnant. Looking at the route, there's quite a bit more distance to cover than we did in Taiwan, plus quite a few more unknowns.

I've had some fun with Advance Wars: Dual Strike (videogame.) It's a pretty good strategy game. I only wish they had an "Undo" feature, because it's easy to move your troops accidentally into enemy fire. I watched a few documentaries and cooked Hitomi dinner a few times.

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