SIFF 2010

This year, I can't say I felt like I watched a lot of SIFF movies, but I did see about 10.

Quick reviews

The Actresses. Heavy on dialogue: Watch beautiful, neurotic Korean actresses chatter away and explore their own personal lives. Was all this improvised?

Kanikosen. Clever artistically, but low on sincerity.

Mount St. Elias. Beautiful visuals, on a terrifying mountain and more terrifying skiing. Much better done than any ski movie I've seen, which tends to have frenetic pacing.

Air Doll. Excellent movie, except it was a wee bit too long. Best movie of the festival, for me at least. Japanese need to learn to edit more.

The Maldives perform Riders of the Purple Sage. Silent movie presentation with excellent "country" music. Very fun story with even more fun music.

The Trotsky. Quebecois Jew tries to unionize public high school's student body. Kind of reminded me of Rushmore, but the main character does get the woman of his desire. Funniest movie I saw.

Bodyguards and Assassins. Great Hong Kong action, but the I no longer like to watch big ensemble casts that die predictably, and heroically. Smelled a bit like Chinese government propaganda as well.

Little Big Soldier. Jackie Chan! Great story for him to be in.

RoboGeisha. Japanophile fodder. Not as good as Machine Girl. Great visual design but too much silliness for too long.

Stephin Merrit (of the Magnetic Fields) performs 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Not sure what anybody could have done with this very, very dated and boring movie. The Mystery Science Theater 3000 sendup wasn't that interesting.

Waste Land. Take garbage (actually recyclable material) pickers out of their day job, and make art with them, and have this artist raise a bit of money to improve their lives. Understandably won best documentary of the festival. My only complaints were some of the spliced in bad looking digital video. But once it's done, what can you do?

Gala Movie: Get Low. Guilt-ridden hermit decides to have a funeral party before he actually dies. (Close to dying, though.) Excellent acting and visuals. Climax (a reveal) was a bit, "eh?" but well executed.

Bicycling home buzzed on rum was pretty odd. I borrowed Jason Peacock's Gala Pass so I could get unlimited drinks. I did stop at two, but given how little fat I have too many I suppose!

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