Weekend without Hitomi

I went to my first Friday Night Magic (FNM) draft last week at First Pick Games, on Stoneway.

Most Friday nights I spend with Hitomi, but I wanted to play Magic for some reason.

The group were all guys. I ended up playing Father Rafael (a priest) first, and beat him handily. The second and fourth opponent were obviously veterans and with my bad draws I lost pretty quickly. I had one draw of all lands! I managed to mix up my sideboard with my deck and made my graveyard my sideboard. I also made a few bad draft choices. I should have drafted towards more deck synergy. I don't know if I'll go again. The people are pretty nice but Friday night isn't the choice night to hang with smelly nerds.

Saturday I took HItomi to the airport and then went back to bed. I ended up near Gasworks Park, to watch the Fremont Solstice Parade. Lots of naked cyclists this year (I heard ~600) around 12PM and then it was about 1:30 until the first of the floats came by. In the meantime, I went to lunch at the Essential Bakery, which totally screwed up my order. Anyway, the floats were fun to see but I was pretty cold sitting on the side of the street. I could also tell being at the end of the parade route wasn't a good idea, since by then things were a bit discombobulated and people were tired.

I checked out the SIFF schedule and decided to head to a few movies in the afternoon: Why not with all the clouds and possible rain? SIFF cinema is classy and I watched two movies: Hipsters, and Nowhere Boy. I won't go into these movies, but the former I consider a must see if you like musicals. I kind of gotten into them since the movie Chicago.

I went home and watched some anime (Gunslinger Girl) and then some more Prison Break. Prison Break is good/bad: Lots of clever ideas you expect to work out but something unexpected goes wrong at the end of an episode. This is fun but then seems also unsatisfying to see happen over and over again. And thankfully, by the end of Season 3 the main characters now have the sense to kill bad guys, who have had no reluctance to kill them.

Sunday was Father's Day. (Whoops, sorry real Dad.) It was off to dim sum with Tim and Mom, followed by a stop at Seattle's Best Tea, a look at boats on Lake Union, and a quest for bubble tea in the U District.

Tim and Mom had their discussion about Rowan and Alsia. Reconciliation would be nice for Rowan's sake, says Mom. But Alsia effectively limit the discussion to whatever she feels comfortable with, lack emotional interest in other people, etc. So why would Tim want to be around Alsia, who chooses on a whim if she she wants to be connected to you? I don't have anything against Alsia, per se, but I don't really hold much interest to visit either.

Hitomi flew back from Las Vegas around 5PM and I met her downtown at around 6PM.

Hitomi and I ate at a pretty neat Hong Kong style restaurant. I miss Hong Kong. I helped her set up her website for uploading the Momoi concert video she took, while we watched it. Momoi in concert is fun, but I feel like I need to see her with a band and all her Japanese fans: There's something sad about her coming to the U.S. without much of an audience like she has in Japan.

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