And already March, 2011

The story so far: Post Norway, I went back to my job Telecommunication Systems (TCS) and found myself training somebody who’d eventually become my replacement.

The past year (and before the upheaval at Autodesk) I found myself not doing much more than systems maintenance and the system was working great. But TCS wasn’t going to let me work on new projects, since I was the only developer working on their very important system for Verizon. And maintenance, boring or not, kept their business going.

I figure the VP didn’t really like me–I pretty much scoffed at the mandated cube farm environment and 8 to 5 schedule and said VP found me a bit of a weirdo. Again, he and the company had bigger troubles than trying to keep me happy and employed. I was a bit depressed with my job situation. I mostly felt I should be working on something more important. Yes, I can collect my money and enjoy it but what’s the fun in that? I wasn’t even allowed to contribute to Open Source projects, even for fun, although simultaneously all their stuff leveraged it. (TCS management should go to hell for that.)

In the midst of this bitterness, Cycle-U, the end of summer, and friends and stuff kept me busy. I don’t recall the specifics, but we did go out on some nice mini-trips. I did get to swim in Lake Union, kayak, and picnic with Hitomi. (I guess most of the details are up on Facebook… Basically, I goofed off, okay?)

So post summer, in early October, I went out to the Calgary office to train my replacement. Well, not exactly my replacement but a replacement for the guy who I used to work with who quit because of being bored and under compensated. Cynically, I thought this guy should replace me, since he was co-located with my manager, and I knew my job wasn’t really worth keeping. (They just needed a couple heads to keep the software running, basically.)

I did dream about finding a new job: Hitomi thought I should quit, but I couldn’t bear the thought of commuting to and working in Yet Another Office, 9-5 anymore. And I doubted I could receive the same salary while making the demand of working remote. And I doubted any recruiter would bother working for somebody as Unreasonable as me.

Luckily now, I’m working at Apple. It took some time (November), and although collegues at TCS were surprised, everyone was fairly envious of me. (As for how I got work at Apple, and the job itself, I won’t talk about Apple. It’s not the best aspect of their company culture–one of paranoid secrecy–but I will abide by their policy.)

Needless to say, I’ve been very busy since starting mid December. Of note, this is the 5th or 6th time in Cupertino, California. I’m not really happy about the travel, but I can’t complain about being bored.

Into 2011, were some bad developments: I “dropped” out of Cycle-U. I got sick quite a bit from mysterious illnesses. (Travel’s hard on you.) And I haven’t gone out skiing as much as I had wanted. Stepfather and Real Father haven’t had much traction with their business/employment. Hitomi got sick a bit too. And Seattle weather has kept me indoors a bit.

But some good news: Hitomi’s pregnant, since about November. It’s exciting but at the moment I feel more of the weight and worry of future responsibility, not really the carefree joy of raising a child. I echo her sentiment, sadly. She doesn’t want her pregnancy broadcast, so here’s it as the news at the end of a long blogging.

I can’t believe it’s already March.


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