Hitomi’s Baby Shower

For whatever reason, the baby shower (unlike the better marketed Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.) hasn’t caught on in Japan. So Hitomi was quite unfamiliar with the concept. But my older sister Alsia and Mom insisted on one. I’m certain if they didn’t, it wouldn’t have been held at all. In these matters, I had to do my part to make peace, communicating Hitomi’s wishes, Alsia’s role, etc.

So when we all agreed on one, it took a bit of schedule wrangling. Initially the baby shower was going to be held at the Queen Mary Tea Room, a small English style tea house not too far from home. This turned out to be quite expensive, limiting in terms of space (~10 people) and time. Having it at home seemed like a reasonable solution.

In the end, we had a fair number of people. Alsia brought food and flowers. Rowan attended the tea set. I cleaned up, brought home the cakes, and made myself scarce for a few hours. I was quite pleased by the setup and help.

The gifts were lovely.


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