Leo Japan

Hitomi and I were in Japan together for a few weeks. I went back alone, and she stayed for an extra 10 days or so. You can kind of piece together the entire trip from Facebook photos, Tweets, and other things.

Overall, it was kind of rough traveling with a baby but I have few regrets. I do regret missing Animax and instead spending more time with Hitomi’s mother. I do like her mother but Hirosaki (Aomori prefecture) is pretty lame, at least this time of year. There’s just so much going on in Tokyo. Oh, I also regret not staying longer with Mitsuko. Our stay with her and her husband seemed too short. I have way too few ties with people from my Japanese exchange program at Tohoku University.

I believe the highlight was spending time hiking in Okutama. I really liked having Leo with me in the mountains. There’s something great as a father spending time in the outdoors like that.

My oddest, and perhaps most awkward moment was perusing the adult comic section with my baby in the Moby wrap. As a foreigner I stick out, but holding a baby looking at erotica I believe I made everybody in that section of K-Books quite uncomfortable.

Anyway, after my kind of sad return trip to Japan, and later food poisoning (or flu or similar?), and then trip to California I had chatted with Hitomi and saw Leo online via Apple’s FaceTime chat program. Leo seemed to cry quite a lot, and now that he started bald looked fairly pathetic.

Upon seeing him today, back from Japan, he seems to be pretty happy. And he has entirely turned into the kind of baby that you would see in a baby commercial. Maybe he can be used to sell diapers or formula? My experience with babies has almost entirely been through television commercials, sadly.


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1 Response to Leo Japan

  1. Kent says:

    Oh man… did LOL at the part about K-Books, though. Glad to hear your son is doing ok. 🙂

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