Missed Connections

I’m going to try to keep this short.

I’ve been feeling sick (cold from Leo) and with WWDC this week at Apple, under a bit of stress trying to keep things together. We took it easy (easier) yesterday by bicycling to Magnuson Park and have a picnic.

We happened to locate our site next to a Japanese couple, with a kid (about 2.5yo) and an infant. Hitomi talks to them and reveals our next child is going to be a boy. Which I can’t help be a little disappointed about. Not that I won’t love another boy, but this next child is probably our last and I won’t get to try raising a girl. I suppose it’s the finality of the situation rather than anything. Let’s hope they bring home nice looking girls (friends or otherwise.)

Today I got a call from “Uncle Phil”, coincidentally during a fairly rare conversation with my dad. My dad and (I guess Uncle) use my Yahoo! email address, which I stopped checking regularly about 6+ years ago. My Uncle’s in town for a rare appearance and I will probably miss him. He and Elinor have (share) a cell phone but 10 minutes after calling him back, he does not answer, and the announcement (probably put on by (honorary) Uncle Tom), suggested leaving a message but their voice mail is full.

Despite advances in technology, I still end up missing people quite a bit. Which is a shame, given their promise to bring people together, it just seems like more ways exist to miss people. Or, technology is still just about fighting people’s laziness: The more it advances, the more ‘last minute’ we are about communication. Anyway, I’m fairly disappointed not to see my Uncle, as I head off to California next week.

Today being fathers day I do have a couple of thoughts: It certainly pays to be close to your children, physically and emotionally. And I find that being a good father doesn’t necessarily make you a good husband. I kind of wished raising Leo right would win romance points with Hitomi. The scores do not carry over this way. Also, different cultures (*ahem*) have different expectations with what family means. The “American Way” (more of an ideal perhaps than reality) is to maintain the romantic(*) part of the relationship while balancing those concerns with raising the family. But those needs necessarily conflict, so I don’t suppose one can find a perfect balance?

What is ‘romance’ in the context of a family? In some ways it is childishness indulgence but what is the point of a family, if not indulgence? Perhaps children are the ultimate sacrifice by parents, but let’s pretend otherwise.


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