Things on my mind

Very soon I’m going to have another son. I’d rather it be sooner, since I’m ready to take a break from work.

Leo’s at the age where everything he can do, he must do himself. Otherwise his mother must do. Apparently I’m unsuitable for everything.

Leo can’t sleep alone. Though he looks like an angel sleeping, he doesn’t mind putting his foot in your face. I can see why young kids need lots of sleep, because they aren’t efficient at it.

I’m building a kayak. It’s a project that’s given me about equal parts anxiety and joy. Every time I made a little mistake it haunts me for about a day until I realize it’s no big deal. Hitomi points out how much this kit costs ($1000 or so), so why should I complain about having to replace my hot water heaters.

I actually have two hot water heaters. They are used for heating the house using a radiator and blower system, also known as hydronic heating. Apparently they are more expensive and hotter than regular water heaters, but still have the fatal flaw of rusting out like an ordinary one after ten years. One’s leaking out the bottom so it’s time to replace it. I may replace it with an on-demand tankless solution, but I’m looking at a $5000 cost. But look! There’s a $1000 rebate.

Christmas is around the corner. Maybe it’s pressure cookers for everyone? It seems terribly narcissistic to buy something really you like for everyone, but it’s been my favorite thing this year. It’s good at cooking kale, and kale’s good for you.

This year I played a lot of JRPG, starting with Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, then Fire Emblem Awakening, then now Fire Emblem 紋章の謎 which is in Japanese and I decided to play it on Maniac difficulty. It’s frustratingly hard. My avatar (“my unit”) is a knight. He has terrible speed (I rarely get good stat advancements) so he gets double teamed, but fortunately he has great defense. A lot of my other units are crap and can easily be one-shot killed. Not sure why do this to myself.

I have been enjoying Magic: The Gathering. Ian came up with a good format for our typical 4- and 5-player Commander nights. I wrote up notes. The biggest problem with the format, aside from players who play cheesy as possible decks, is speed. We got three games in three hours. Kevin and Ian did the usual bickering. Gary cheered on Tai, though he was his enemy, Tai was using his decks. Tai played clean, as usual. I almost didn’t go since Hitomi is afraid if she’s in labor, I won’t stop playing and take her to the hospital.

Tonight we walked down to Green Lake, to see the Pathway of Lights. I’ve only see the event a few times. Most years it seems like there’s bad weather or something else going on. We saw some school musical groups performing near the swim area. Although it seemed popular for walkers to wear LED Christmas lights and go around the whole lake, it would be too much time for us. Leo won’t stay in his stroller that long, so we opted instead for a shorter walk.

A shorter walk: Well, so be it.


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