Mixed Feelings

I was working on my kayak this morning, doing a saturation coat on the deck. I’m hoping to get the project done in time for some summer time paddling.

When I work on the kayak I have the garage door open. Working on the project is a natural conversation starter. I’ve had more than a few people come by and ask me about my kayak project. One was a guy selling Real Change newspapers at Safeway and talked to me for about 30 minutes or so. But most people are just walking by on the way to the medical clinic, Safeway, or Roosevelt High School and just stop for a minute or two.

School’s been out for about a month but some chubby high school girl, sipping on a Starbucks drink walked by. Leo (and Hitomi and Ilana) have been decorating the driveway with chalk. The girl asked me if this was Anpanman? and I replied yes, it was. She apparently was half Japanese and knew how to read Leo’s name in Japanese, etc.

I asked her what she was up to, and she replied “Summer school. But I had nothing going on in July anyway, so it’s not so bad.”

I was taken aback, “But July is so nice, why wouldn’t you have anything to do? Like go camping or something.” At this point I had to get back to the epoxy, now starting to set up.

I had been camping the past four days at Mt. Rainier with friends, but I suppose if it were me back in high school I’d be out bicycling, playing games, swimming, doing sleep-overs, water fights, movies, video games, etc. I would die if I had to go back to school in July. I could not believe this person.

Back working on my kayak put me into thought. My first thought, surely no half-Asian would be taking summer school. Japanese parents, even singularly, would not let this happen. Secondly, could it be that my kids could turn out this way? I certainly disliked going to school, though I went. But maybe my kids would dislike it and also refuse to attend. Thirdly, Starbucks is evil since I’m sure it’s making people fat.

But really, how can somebody of her age be bored? I cannot find time for half the things I would like to do during the day.

Still, she seemed pretty nice, so I hope she comes by tomorrow. I’d like to know to more about her.

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2 Responses to Mixed Feelings

  1. Hideki Saito says:

    How she can be bored… Perhaps she doesn’t have any friends to hang around with? Not that she’s “anti-social” as she initiated conversation after all. I can somewhat relate to that as when I was in high school, sort of like being the best person I knew was a complete stranger. I can only speculate, but it sounds like she’s a kind of person outside of the school caste, sort of speak.

    • eliasross says:

      Yes, I had just a few friends in high school and I can imagine she could be is in a worse situation than I had been in. It wouldn’t be too much fun being alone the whole summer. Still I had hobbies, books, computers, and movies. I had family I spent time with. School many days was a lot worse than staying home.

      If she comes by tomorrow I’ll ask her what she likes to do.

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