20 years after High School: Well-adjusted and Drinking Heavily

I made it home barely sober from my 20th high school reunion. I want to thank Kristin for supplying me her husband Trent’s ticket to the event as the event was sold out.

Here are my thoughts:

Twenty years is a long time, but not really. You’ve spent more time out of high school than your age in high school. But still you can recognize many of those faces and names immediately. Your brain is full of eternal memories, if you like it or not.

People looking middle-aged: Everyone around you is a mirror. But it seemed that I didn’t age particularly much and some people have.

At a certain age, everyone you once knew becomes approachable and friendly. Especially the women, especially those that are much shorter than you are. So many of them have aged gracefully. If I knew then what I know now.

I was never popular or a personality in high school but everyone seemed to know me. It feels good not to be forgotten.

On the other hand, lots of drinking ensued. So you wonder, is everyone still chock full of nervous energy?

Countless deep discussions ensued. Either it was the alcohol or everyone becomes a philosopher at some age. Is it the distance from being older, or closer to dying?

I approached a table of husbands who married GHS ladies. They were hanging out near the food truck, talking amongst themselves. As it turned out, my high school crush married somebody who now works at Apple. The thought had occurred to stalk him, then stalk his wife. It was odd to think that.

Everyone picks up their instrument from high school from time to time. Except me. I rented my viola, I had to give it back eventually. I ought to buy one. For the kids.

Median quantity of kids for those with kids: 2. Median age: ages 4 and 2. Same here! Oh, and my kids are half Asian. Oh, so are yours, naturally.

Pumping up the jam is great in theory. At least we weren’t in a bowling ally.

For some reason, I’m really glad I went. But lots of missing faces and one of them could have been mine.

I wonder if the bitter, unhappy people just stayed home? There were a lot of people who failed to show up too. I hope they are alright.

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