An Ill-fitting bicycle is better than none

I’m back in Cupertino, working at Apple again this week.

It seems like it’s been quite more than a month. This feeling could be because of all the excitement I’ve been having since the last trip. Anime Expo was great (though not as great as last year) and there’s been weekend parties, exploration, etc. And there’s this baby coming.

My Ritchey Break Away travel bicycle has been in the garage since spring. It’s what I took regularly to Autodesk and I have only taken it to Apple just once. I just haven’t been as inspired to ride the hills. If perhaps I were to spend the weekend here? That’s going to be fairly unlikely once the baby is born.

I discovered this hotel I’m at does have bicycles for borrowing. I happened to get a Schwinn hybrid tonight. The tires needed air (pressure was at 20psi and needed to be 40-80) and one of the staff helped pump the tire with some sort of battery powered contraption. I headed out for karaoke at Gamba Karaoke in the midst of rush hour traffic. I could have used a much bigger frame, longer cranks, etc., but I was on the flats so who cared?

For a cycle probably a tenth of the cost of my road bike, I still enjoyed myself. Just not as much: A good road bicycle allows your entire body to transfer your energy into to the road. Though somewhat regrettably, you feel every bump and divot from the road transferred back to your body.


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